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Jason Riley & Dean Wahploe

  • Develop strategic direction and plan for short and long term goals
  • Implement reporting for greater staff stability and accountability
  • Develop a marketing strategy that will deliver continuous supply of qualified leads
  • Improve systems that will create superior margins and profitability
  • Provide support in areas of leadership, decision making and accountability

Since September 2011 Jason and Dean have been slowly making improvements to their IT business which has give them the opportunity to grow their personal wealth portfolio. A number of changes have taken place especially in the area of personnel which is now delivering great results for their business. Both Jason and Dean have come to realise that finding and hiring the right people as painful as it can be at times will ultimately prove to be the No 1 strategy for long term sustainable growth.

Some Key milestones:

  1. Purchased the building they were leasing
  2. Purchased several more investment properties
  3. Improved managed services to increase profitability
  4. Developed a HR strategy to recruit, train and keep the best team members

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