Small Business Advisory

Battery Zone

Battery Zone needed to grow, they had tried various types of marketing without much success. They also needed better systems that would allow them more time to grow the business.

“The most valuable part about working with Zed is that he trained us to use the tools to improve our business. We got excellent results using Zed’s products—we have exceptional figures on stock margins, stock holdings, and our customer base and foot traffic.

Since we started working with Zed, across the board, we have grown between 30–35% in 12–14 months. Over the last 6 months, our monthly budget has increased between 62–78%.

We were always passionate about our business but we’ve become even more passionate because of having renewed focus. The whole team has benefited. I am glad we took Zed on board because I’ve grown mentally physically, business wise, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. He’s punctual, motivating and has a good friendly demeanour and character. I would most definitely recommend him to others. I’d tell people to listen to what Zed says, think about what they want and be prepared to put in the hard work too. It’s a two way street. Don’t look at the cost—look at the end results.

Without a doubt Zed was good for me—100% both at home and at work!

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