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Gavin Truscott

How has business Coaching improved your business?

Business coaching has given me an awareness that the small things really do matter. Critical non essentials such as Testing and Measuring, Team work, Team Training and Goal setting that can dramatically improve the efficiency of your business. My ability to quickly rectify and solve problems means I spend less time working in the business and more time improving our bottom line.

Has business coaching improved your Leadership Skills?


 To have a great business you need a Great Team. Business coaching taught me that if I was to be an excellent leader I needed to work harder on myself than on my staff. Action’s team building methods have significantly improved communication amongst our team and it’s made us realise that Together Everyone Achieves More. I’m really proud of my team and how they perform, it means I get more leisure time knowing that my team is taking care of business.

So tell me Gavin….would you recommend business coaching?

 Definitely!  Why?

 Well, having a coach meant that I had somebody on my side who could relate to me. Somebody I could bounce ideas off. Somebody who had the experience, the expertise and strategies to help me get the right results I wanted. Having a coach gives you the moral and inspirational support, motivation, and tools to achieve your personal and business goals. Coaching has opened my eyes to all the things that actually make my life as a business owner easier. And we all want that don’t we!

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