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Dimac Tooling


Paul Fowler

Dimac Tooling, based in Mulgrave, Victoria, is Australia’s leading supplier of CNC machine tool accessories with a special focus on work holding.  We offer a select range of accessories and work holding solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Dimac are motivated to continually finding more effective, safe and productive ways to hold and machine work pieces.  We manufacture Soft Jaws, Hard Jaws and Custom Jaws in our own CNC equipped machine shop and this capability, coupled with over 30 years experience doing so, ensures we provide the right work holding solution for you..

Here’s what Paul had to say

“Zed appeared at the right time, as I was in the final process of buying out the business, and wanted help with focus and planning for sustainable growth and direction. Zed’s no nonsense and straight talking approach appealed to me. He doesn’t sugar coat, he’s straight to the point, practical, professional and businesslike.

My investment in Zed is keeping me focussed, on target and I feel I am getting results.

Goals and targets are able to be ticked off and we’re 20% up on growth from last year and part of that can be attributed to the focus Zed brings to me and the business. 

Zed’s good at what he does and honest in his approach. I enjoy working with him and his knowledge and understanding of the business and the industry, having a metal trade background, is significantly in his favour in working with me. I enjoy the meetings Zed organises too. As a group we discuss, brainstorm and problem solve together.

This provides practical support in terms of having contributions from like-minded people with similar desires to improve.

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