12 Reasons why a business coach can help your business

You need a Plan

1. You realise that you have not developed a clearly enunciated vision into the future of the business. Where will the business be in 3 and 5 years time, including: revenue projections, bottom-line, financing, cash flow, acquisition strategy, or possibly even an exit strategy (i.e. sale of business)?


2. You are a business owner or manager and experiencing that lonely feeling at the top. Intuitively, you know it would be good to have someone to act as a ‘sounding board’ to test your ideas, provide new dimensions in thinking, or suggest different paradigms. Maybe even, to hold you accountable for developing plans and milestones – and keeping you ‘honest’ to achieve them.

Time is your greatest asset

3. You have become a ‘captive’ of your business. Instead of the business working for you, you are ‘working’ for your business. This means you are taken away from the more pleasurable pursuits of being a business owner, including maintaining a better work-life balance. Maybe your family life is suffering, and you want more out of being a business owner?


4. You realise that you are working “in the business” and not working “on the business.” You are “fighting fires” everyday and doing day-to-day tasks without looking ahead to the future and planning for the growth of your business. A business coach will help you develop systems, procedures and protocol to derive better outcomes by orderly flow processes.


5. Your business has either ‘hit a wall’; maybe you’re experiencing cash-flow problems, and it is “all getting a bit too much.” A business coach will have the expertise in developing a systems approach to resolve your issues. The strength of ZED On Business is that we don’t take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Every business is different and requires an individual or customised approach. We call this a bespoke approach to coaching.


6. You need assistance in doing business a ‘new’ way, by increasing your use of Internet driven e-commerce, e-marketing and using social media. Google Adwords, SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and the ‘new’ ways of doing business. It is tantamount to say that if your business is still doing things the same way as it did 10 or even 5 years ago, chances are you are being left behind by your competitors.

Feedback and Guidance

7. Maybe, you are at the start-up stage of business and need assistance in planning and preparing all those things that are necessary. It can be overwhelming, and you need guidance.

8. Maybe, you have a large project to complete such as: relocation, acquisition, or downsizing project. There is much to be done and need some assistance and guidance in considering the options.

Time Management

9. You never seem to have sufficient time during the day to do all those things that need to be done. “Everything becomes urgent” and maybe you need some assistance in project management, time management and priority setting (or maybe it is a delegation issue).

Risk Management

10. There are ‘risk management’ issues of lingering concern, this might include changes to Workplace Occupational Health & Safety legislation (what’s my exposure?), general risk management and governance issues.

Team work

11. You have some staffing or human-resource issues? It could be in recruitment, staff performance, employment agreements, dispute matters, in short, any issue involving staffing. ZED On Business has important expertise in this area, including relevant experience in human-resource management, and industrial relations.

Succession Plan

12. It could be; you are thinking about one day, selling the business, handing the business down to a family member, or maybe even considering a complete career change. There are many options and you need assistance working through them, in order to make the best choice. Your business coach should be able to assist you with succession planning, and career development.